10 Best Center Channel Speakers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

Do you want to enjoy the clear, crystal sound from your screen? 

… A center channel speaker can fulfill your necessity. It will give you life-like sound. The sound of the center channel speaker make you feel that you are in the imaginary world. 

You have the chance of enjoying as like as real facts. So, why you will miss this lack of the best suited center channel speaker.

Polk Audio Center Channel Speaker

Besides, a trendy, gorgeous looking center channel speaker carry the extra beauty of your home. But selecting the best suited center channel speaker is hard.

During selection, one should emphasize on high performance, versatile, compactness and gorgeous design.


10 Best Center Channel Speakers - [Review Updated 2022]

You should not worry to know which is the best suited for you. As all the necessary information is available here, you can select the best one from our research. 

We have compiled the best center channel speakers into one bundle. Now it is time to choose yours.

NameMax FrequencyAmplifier Power (W)Sensitivity (dB)Driver (Inch)Tweeter (Inch) 
Micca MB42X-C60Hz-20kHz758540.75Check Price
Pioneer SP-C2255 Hz-20 kHz90864.251Check Price
Polk Audio CS1053 Hz-25 kHz20-125915.251Check Price
BIC America DV-62CLRS38 Hz to 20 kHz10-1759030.75Check Price
Sony SSCS855 Hz–25 kHz1458631Check Price
Cerwin-Vega SL-45C55 Hz - 26 kHz300895.251Check Price
Definitive 100047Hz - 30kHz10-200904.51Check Price
Klipsch R-25C82 Hz - 24 kHz100-400985.251Check Price
Klipsch RP-450C80 Hz - 25 kHz100-380955.251Check Price
Martinlogan Motion 3070 Hz - 25 kHz20-180895.51Check Price

1. Micca MB42X-C - Best budget center channel speaker

Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker ReviewDo you want to enjoy the marvelous quality of soundtrack? You can use the Micca MB42-C Speaker. The speaker covers a lot of impressive features. Among what is the most remarkable is a friendly budget. 

The design of the center channel speaker is compact and handsome. Its natural texture and classic appearance look attractive. It is well suited for home decor. 

The color of the woofer and tweeter is black. It also looks interesting. The carbon fiber woofer supports to hear the natural sound. The silk dome tweeter changes the audible behavior. 

The quality drivers of Micca MB42 ensure excellent performance. It has 5-way binding post which is also necessary for versatile connective options. You can set up it easily. It is also perfect for keeping under your screen. 

The natural sound signature is splendid with the clarity of sound. When you want to hear any dialogue, you can realize this fully. Even you do not feel a little bit disgusting sound. 

The Frequency Response of this center channel is 60Hz-20khz and the Sensitivity is 86db 1W/1M. So you can take this with confidence.

What I liked

Micca MB42-C is marvelous with its quality. It provides smooth, crystal sound. The classic appearance is attractive so anyone can choose this for enhancing beauty. The frequency response is excellent. Besides, having versatile connective options, it is compact with its design.

What I didn’t like

A center channel speaker should have an excellent mid-range tone so that the sound is impeccable. The mid-range tone of the Micca MB42-C is not as powerful as expected. Besides what is noticeable, this center channel speaker is not the best suited for a small room.


2. Pioneer SP-C22 - Professional Design Center Channel Speaker

Pioneer sp-c22 center channel speaker reviewThe name “Pioneer SP-C22 center speaker” does not stand for a name only. It is really pioneering with the quality. This pioneer center speaker provides magnetic shielding, 5-way binding and perfect audio frequencies. 

It is one of the professional design speakers. Yet, it is used at home. The center channel speaker provides clear and crystal sound. The speaker consists of superior components. So, it is perfect to ensure the high-fidelity sound. 

When you want to hear the sound from your favorite movies near about 45 % sound comes from dialogue. The center channel speaker ensures the smooth and life-like sound. It will make you realize the whole event with pleasure. 

The design of the SP-C22 speaker is excellent. It is not like others as usual design. The design is curved well suited to cabinet wall.

What I liked

Pioneer SP-C22 is one of the professional design speakers. Every single feature maintains excellent quality. The curved design speaker is perfect for the cabinet. Another outstanding feature which is loveable is the world recognized brand. Pioneer provides different types of speakers all over the world.

What I didn’t like

The speaker is excellent overall. But the price is a bit high. It contains high-end price. Besides, the cross-over frequency is not specified.


3. Polk Audio Cs10 - Best Sound Quality Speaker

Polk Audio Cs10 Center Channel Speaker ReviewPolk audio CS10 is one of the best center channel speakers. If you want to have a realistic sound, very few can be an alternative to this speaker. It provides clear crystal audio. 

It is a sleek design central speaker. The polk audio center speaker is fit for enhancing the beauty of your home. If you want to have the high- efficient central speaker, you can take this. The design is user-friendly. It does not deserve effort to have desired sound. 

The speaker is portable as it is lightweight enough. Besides, the multiple placement options are available. You can keep this center channel speaker in anywhere of your room. 

If you need an affordable speaker channel, it can be your best choice. It is one of the affordable center channel speakers on our list.

What I liked

The speaker is with a sleek design. It looks extra-ordinary. The design is fit for home decor. If anyone likes to add the beauty using speaker channel, he can take this. Having Multiple placement options, I can set anywhere of my room. It is one of the user-friendly channel speakers. The affordable price is another most outstanding aspect of this channel.

What I didn’t like

A mid-range driver is one of the most important factors of speaker channels. It enhances the extra glamour to the sound. As it has no midrange driver, it is the negative aspect of this speaker channel which I did not like.


4. BIC America DV-62CLRS - Best for home theater

BIC America DV-62CLRS Center Channel Speaker ReviewDo you want to have the top-rated center channel speaker? BIC America DV-62CLRS will be your best choice. The speaker is outstanding with its features. 

It is one of the book self-speakers. Its design is creative. The Poly Graphite Woofers gives you smooth sound. You can use this speaker as a front, back and surround speaker. The color of the laminate finish is gorgeous. Overall, the user likes the center speaker channel for their use. 

The buyer feels confident to take this. Because this center channel speaker ensures 7-year Warranty. Very few speakers will give you this warranty. 

Another good aspect of the furniture is that it is a budget-friendly center channel. When you go to purchase center channel speakers, you will have an array of speakers. All are not budget friendly. Some are too much expensive so evaluate you bucks and select the budget-friendly speaker this.

What I liked

Very few speaker channels give 7-year Warranty. So it is one of the impressive factors which ensure BIC America DV-62CLRS. From the standpoint of the customer, it is the best-rated speaker channel. 

The bookshelf speaker is my choice. Because the price is also budget-friendly. Two 6.5″ Woofers are of poly graphite which is too effective and attractive.

What I didn’t like

The black finish does not seem too much attractive to me. It seems to me that different color finish would seem excellent.


5. Sony SSCS8 - Affordable and best for family use

Sony SSCS8 Center Channel Speaker ReviewSony SSCS8 speaker is exceptional with its various features. It is one of the outstanding center channel speakers because of its Crossover elements. The crossover networks of this center channel speaker secure the signals. It has no possibility of vibration. 

The sound speaker provides smooth sounds. When you enjoy the dialogue of movie, it seems to you that it is life-like. You can enjoy the clear, crystal sound. 

The powerful bass is another outstanding feature of this speaker. It controls the frequency range. The Super Tweeter of the speaker controls the neutrality in the sound. It also ensures the high-frequency in sound.

What I liked

Overall, the sound is smooth and gorgeous. It ensures life-like sound. When anyone hears the dialogue of the film, it seems to him that someone is talking to him from the screen. The high frequencies in sound are splendid and impressive. Besides, the crossover signal of the network is secured enough.

What I didn’t like

This powerful Sony SSCS8 speaker channel is not perfect for the small room. If you have a wider space, you can choose this. The finish does not seem good. It has a black finish. The color is not well-adjusted with the other furniture of my room. I like to have another color speaker channel.


6. Cerwin-Vega SL-45C - High end center channel speaker

Cerwin-Vega SL-45C Center Channel Speaker ReviewYou feel the necessity of increasing the sound system of your home theater. But, you are confused which center channel speaker is the best suited for your sound system. You can take the Cerwin-Vega SL-45C Quad. It is one the notable center channel speaker. 

It has five drivers and a dome tweeter. The five divers are used for vocal clarity and dome tweeter is used for high frequency response. 

The design of the speaker is classic. It has an internal brace and removable grille. Its 8-ohm impedance is enough to power your center channel speaker and produce clear-crystal sound. Bass reflex design speaker is quite helpful to have a bass response.

Most of the features maintain the coherence. So it is the best suited for your home theater system. You can choose this.

What I liked

It is one of the powerful center speaker channels. It provides clear- crystal sound. It has 8-ohm impedance and five drives. 

All the features of this speaker channel are outstanding and vivid. Besides, the excellent bass response.

What I didn’t like

Most of the outstanding speaker channel has a Dynamic Frequency range. Unlike all other speakers, it has frequency range but not dynamic like others. The speaker channel does not look excellent in a congested place.


7. Definitive Technology 1000 - High performance speaker

Definitive Technology 1000 Center Channel Speaker ReviewDo you think that a slim center channel speaker is the best suited for your home theater? You can select the Definitive Technology procenter 1000. It is a small center channel speaker. The measurement is 10.5 x 5 x 5 inches. It is small and compact but the performance is excellent. This smallest center channel speaker ensures you excellent performance. 

Bass Radiators of the speaker provides excellent support. It produces a deep bass tone. No doubt, the size is small but the performance of the sound speaker is high. The dome tweeter of this center speaker generates high frequencies. It works as like as a big sound speaker.

What I liked

Unlike all other center channel speaker, it is slim. So the nifty design center channel is my choice. Besides, the performance of the simple center channel is not simple. 

The sound is more clear, crystal and outstanding. The high frequencies of the center channel speaker are excellent. Overall the quality of this center channel speaker is impressive.

What I didn’t like

As the design is nifty, it is not fit for wider space. If anyone set this wider space, it will look too simple. So small space is the best suited for this center speaker channel. Besides, the high-frequency response is not clear overall.


8. Klipsch R-25C - Best Powerful Center Channel Speaker

Klipsch R-25C Center Channel Speaker ReviewThe Center channel speaker is perfect for midrange sound effect. When you go to select the center channel speaker, you have to emphasize the bass tone and midrange effect. Klipsch R-25C is a great solution for you. Its design is also great. The size of the speaker is well-suited with different types of selves. 

You can also set this under your projection screen. Besides, it is highly portable. You can set one place to another easily. There is no possibility of sound distortion. So you can have this. It also used for home decor. It has two Cerametallic Woofers including the removable grill. It is bass responsive, so you can enjoy the accurate sound.

What I liked

Klipsch R-25C is powerful audio speaker. The design of this speaker is compact. It produces clear-crystal sound. The dialogue from the screen is more enjoyable using this center channel speaker. The high-quality finish of the speaker looks attractive. It can be used for enhancing the beauty of your room. As it is light-weighted center channel speaker, one can replace this easily.

What I didn’t like

The crossover frequency of this channel is specific of this center channel speaker. Besides, the price is a little bit expensive. If anyone has not a tight budget, he can buy this.


9. Klipsch RP-450C - Best center channel speaker for dialogue

Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Speaker ReviewCenter channel speakers are available in the market but all do not serve you in the same way. Even the manufacturer does not produce for the same purpose. The purpose of producing varies product to product. 

If you want to have a center channel speaker for enjoying clear-crystal dialogue, Klipsch RP-450C is for you. When you enjoy films, a majority of the sound comes from dialogue. But, if your surround sound speaker is not good, you cannot listen to this appropriately. You feel bored because of not having clear, crystal sound. 

Klipsch RP-450C ensures you crystal sound. You can take this confidently. The speaker has excellent cerametallic woofers. It is lightweight and rigid. 

You may have heard the word “Tractrix port”. It is a very powerful element used in a speaker. If you think about the durability of a speaker, you can take this with high confidence.

What I liked

Klipsch RP-450C is one of the center channel speakers. It produces life-like sound. The design of the speaker is excellent. As this center channel speaker is lightweight, it is easy to place and carry another place. The price of this center channel is affordable so most of the consumer likes this.

What I didn’t like

Everything is okay but when we increase the voice range. It makes a roaring sound. Besides, the frequencies are not so high like others center channel speakers.


10. Martinlogan Motion 30 - Gloss Black Center Channel Loudspeaker

Martinlogan Motion 30 Center Channel Speaker ReviewMartinlogan Motion 30 is a home theater center speaker. The design is aesthetic and outstanding. These are the floor-standing speaker. The speaker is excellent with its rounded edges. It looks attractive because of high gloss finishes. 

The martainlogan is one of the famous brands. It provides Wall mounted, floor standing as well as subwoofer speaker. The brand is famous for its quality product. Motion 30 is one of the outstanding loudspeakers because of its quality. 

The performance of this loudspeaker is excellent. It creates life-like stunning sound. The design of loud-speaker is gorgeous. It has high gloss finishes.

What I liked

The design of the speaker is excellent. It is more appropriate for home decor. As the design of the speaker is compact, it is portable. Besides, the rounded edges look attractive. The speaker is called a floor standing speaker. So anyone can have this without hesitation. It produces life-like and smooth sound.

What I didn’t like

The price of this martinlogan Motion central speaker is not affordable. It is one of the high-end price products. If anyone wants to have budget-friendly speaker channel, he can choose the others speaker channel.


Center Channel Speaker Buyer’s Guide

Although choosing the center channel speaker is not challenging. Yet, you have to know a lot of factors before choosing. Otherwise, it will be both challenging and tough. You must be cautious during choice. Otherwise, it may be incompatible. So follow the guidelines before selecting your center channel speaker.

Extra-ordinary sound quality

Your first priority should be sound. As all arrangement of center channel speaker is regarding sound. You have to notice about the power of a speaker. The power of the speaker is normally measured by decibels and ohms. The 6 or 8 power is standard home theater system.

Maintain budget with your choice

The high-quality product deserves the standard budget overall. You can have center channel speaker spending four or five hundred dollars. If you want to have this speaker with fewer prices, you can have. The chance is available but keeps in mind the quality of your speaker with the quality budget. Besides, you have to give priority to the brand of the product.

Which size is the most appropriate?

When you want to purchase a central channel speaker, you should evaluate the size of your room and the speaker of the other of your room. Whichever you buy, you should maintain the balance with your previous speakers. If you have existed large size speaker buy the large size speaker. If you have a small size speaker, buy the small speaker.

In what way, you will use your speaker

It is one of the important factors that in what way you are going to use your speaker.   Most of the speaker is made for gaming, music and movies. If you use your speaker for games, you should take the powerful speaker. Otherwise, a less powerful speaker is appropriate enough.

How much powerful speaker you need

The power of the speaker is normally assigned with the decibel and ohms. The quality of the speakers sound also depends on this power. So consider the power of the center channel speaker before selecting one.

Why the Sensitivity of center channel speaker

This type of speakers produces the quality sound. Unlike another speaker, it does not produce extra noisy sound. So, maintain the quality of center channel speaker. By using this speaker, you hear the dialogue of movies; enjoy the smooth conversation of drama. So you just need the quality center channel speaker.

Setting up Your Good Center Channel Speaker (Step by step process)

Do you want to have an optimal performance of your center channel speaker? You have to set up the center channel speaker in an appropriate way. 

Keep special attention during setting. The quality of sound will depend on how you have set up. Never forget the major factor during setting your channel. Know the importance of the Center Channel. 

No doubt, center channel speaker plays the most important role in the surround sound system. When you hear the voice through the center channel, you are listening to a real person next to you. The center channel speaker gives you a lucid idea.

Where you will keep the Placement

It is better to keep close to the screen. As center channel speaker works as an integral part. It is your own choice where you will keep the center channel speaker. You should not keep in such a place will be obstructed with other furniture of your room

How to optimize speaker stand

If you use speaker stand, you must take the stands of the same size and same brand. As a result, you will not lose the coherence of your home decoration. When you set up your speaker stand, you have to notice that your speakers are not obstructed in any way. Keep in mind that the speakers are the part of your home décor. 

Why you will set up a center channel on the wall

Center channel speaker mounted on the wall looks excellent. Home interior designer also supports this. But appropriate height is mandatory for better performance of channel speaker. So when you mount your center channel speaker on the wall, keep balance with standard height.

Use the acoustical foam

Absorbing floor reflection is quite important at the time of enjoying the sound. In a theater room, carpeting is enough. Otherwise, you can take acoustical foam to improve the performance of your center channel speaker. A center channel speaker plays the most outstanding role in the theater room. 

But it does not produce the better result until the setting is appropriate. So follow the mentioned roles. Keep your center channel speaker appropriate and enjoy the better result.

How to choose a center channel speaker

The central channel speaker makes you forget the mundane world.  It takes you in the imaginary world. The action of the center channel is outstanding and marvelous. 

When you go to enjoy your favorite film, you will not understand the sound of an episode. There may have many noisy factors. In these fields, the center channel will help you listen sound specifically. All center channels are not the same. The functionality varies on different factors. Before choosing a center channel speaker, go through the following factors.

Why you channel should have Compatibility

You must take center channel maintaining compatibility. It is one of the important issues; otherwise, it may not work smoothly. When you set up your center channel, you have to connect one speaker to another. The sound of the screen also speared through another speaker. In this fields, if your speaker has no well-adjustment. The sound quality will not be good. So the expert suggests that one should take the speaker from the same brand. Besides, the compatibility of the price is also another factor. You have taken one speaker with a high price. You have taken another speaker with low price. It is not a good decision. So, you should check the compatibility of all related factors. 

The most important part of a center channel is Technical Specifications. 

Unlike other speakers, the center channel speaker should have a balance. So before buying your speaker, you should know about the specifications. It will help you to take the right decision.

Know the Configuration Ratio of your center channel

Knowing the configured ratio is one of the primary steps of a center channel. The configure ratio indicates the surround sound speaker and a number of sub-woofers. The configure ration looks like this such as 5: 1 6:1, 7:1 and others. The first number stands for surround sound speaker. The second number stands for sub-woofers.

Need the Bi-wire Capability to produce better

Basically, having two sets of a connector is called Bi-wire capability. You have already known the importance of the tweeter and woofer. These produce smooth sound. One connector is for the tweeter and another connector is for a woofer.

How Cross-over frequency plays an important role

Cross-over frequency is a process which sends signals into the different portion. The frequency is of different types: low frequency and high frequency. The high frequency is for the tweeter and the low frequency is for a woofer. The function of crossover frequency is sensitive. It plays the most important role. The cross-over frequency is one of the parts and parcel of center channel speaker.

Have the concept of Electrical impedance

It is a measurement of the opposition which circuit provides current during applying voltage. Impedance has the ability to resist the steam of alternating current. The voice call is used normally to resist the current.

Magnetic shielding is another part of a technical term

Magnetic shielding is one of the preventing systems. It saves the magnet used in the speakers. In a speaker, there are many electric types of equipment. If the shielding is not used over the magnet, the magnet can be damaged because of electric shock. In this way, the magnetic shielding plays the most important role.

What is the ideal Size of the central channel speaker?

The larger central speaker is better than the small size speaker. The sound of the large size speaker is wonderful than the small size speaker. If you do not have a space problem, you should take the large ideal sized central speaker. Besides, the budget is another factor behind choosing the large size central speaker. First of all, you should have the target to take the 38-inch tower speaker. 

Then you can choose the next one 12 – 15 inch. The 7-inch speaker is also available. You can take if you have the lack of place.

Center Channel Speaker FAQ

What is a center channel speaker?

Unlike other speakers, a center channel speaker does not produce sound from a corner. Even the sound is not confined in a definite area. Rather, it has the surround sound units. The center channel is connected to the screen. The center channel speaker works as a mouth and expresses what happens on the screen. The center channel speaker is normally horizontal. These are kept beneath the video projection screen. Two types of central channel speakers are common such as eight channels (7.1) and six channel (5.1).

Do I need to set up my center channel speaker?

Setting Center channel speaker is not mandatory when you listen to a song or enjoy a movie alone. But when you have a wide projection and want to enjoy the surround sound, you need these. 

These speakers keep your home environment with the actual sound of a different scene. You need a center channel speaker. If you enjoy the scene of the beach, you will feel that you are on the beach. In the same way, you can take the versatile taste from your home just using the center channel speaker.

Why a Center Channel Speaker is needed in Surround Sound?

Nothing can be an alternative to surround sound setup without center channel speaker. Many reasons are available behind selecting center channel speaker. First of all, Sound balance is one of the factors. 

Second, it needs to enjoy the dialogue of a movie. These types of speakers always maintain the balance. When you enjoy your favorite movie, you just want to hear the sound minutely from the movie. At that time, you need a center channel speaker.

Where to place a center channel speaker?

A central channel speaker needs proper placement. If the installation is not correct, you will not be able to enjoy the real taste of center channel speaker. Installing a central speaker behind or beside the screen is the most appropriate.


The center channel speaker produces the quality sound with its upgraded technology. Whatever you enjoy on the screen, you should use the center channel speakers to have the real taste. To speak the truth that all center channel speakers do produce quality sound. So you must consider the mention factors before selecting your Speakers. Here, you will have all the selected center chenille speakers. So it is the best opportunity for you to select from the selected center channel speakers.

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