10 Best Nail Strengtheners – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

Although it is true that caring face and nail do not deserve the same importance. Yet we should not be callous to our nails. We should have little importance at least. Otherwise, we have to suffer for a long time. 

Among all nail caring products, nail polish, nail strengthener and nail hardener keep your nail safe. If you ever face any problem in your nail such as peeling, biting and splitting, you can regain using the best nail strengthener.

Best Nail Strengthener

Having the best nail strengthener is not fun. You have to spend a standard amount of time to find out the best one. But we have compiled the best nail strengtheners based on different reasons. You will have the best-suited one in no time. 


What are the best products for nail growth and strengthener?

All the strengtheners do not play the same role. If you have the question in your mind before selecting which is the best?  It is our suggestion to select the OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. Unlike all other product, it is different from its ingredients. This product provides an outstanding result. Second, you can use the MAXUS Nails-0.5 Ounce. It is one of the best quality nail strengtheners.  Besides, it ensures the long-lasting shine in your nail.  The origin of this product is the U.S.A, the user feels confident to use this strengthener.

10 Best Nail Strengtheners [Review Updated 2022]

Selecting best nail strengthener is challenging in the competitive market. As every manufacturer demands that better is only their respective products. But, when you go through the unbiased product review, it will be crystal clear to you. You will be able to select which the best. We have united 10 best nail strengtheners here which makes your nails more hardener.   So that the nail strengthener can find their targeted product in short time. 

1. OPI Nail Strengthener - Best Nail Strengthener for Growing Your Nails

OPI Nail Strengthener Review and GuideOPI is one of the best nail growth and strengtheners. The product is designed especially for the brittle nails. The person who has the habit of biting their nail should use this. It will give you an outstanding result. 

Unlike other banal nail polish, the OPI nail envy nail strengthener comes with ten shades. You can choose any of these. The formula of this product is superb. The calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein are the main ingredients of this strengthener. The finish of the strengthener is glossy and matte. The finish looks smooth. 

Although the product will seem pricey, it is effective and worthy of the high-end price. The strengthener will provide you with the exact result. 

This nail hardener formula is enriched with the wheat protein and calcium. It ensures maximum supports to the fragile and damaged nails. Just after two weeks, the user will have the proven result. It will make stronger and split free. 

What I like

Protein and calcium are helpful for maintaining strength in nails. Its classy finish is unparalleled. The formula of the strengthener is outstanding.

How to use

Remove any layer from your nails such as nail polish and others. Wash nail; wait until it is dried appropriately. Then use the coat of the nail. You have to apply coat after every single day. In this way, continue at least seven days. Thereafter, remove this using remover, and then apply the OPI again. 


2. Onyx Professional 32 - Best Nail Strengthening Cream

Onyx Professional Nail Strengthener Review and GuideThe nailstrengthener creamm is the best suited for weak and fragile nails. It helps nail grow quickly. The formulation of this strengthener is also excellent. It contains emollients, minerals, and vitamins. It restores the moisture balance to dry nails. 

The strengthener gives a long lasting- strength and endurance. If your nails have chips, cracks split you should use this cream. It will give an excellent result within a short period of time. 

The fragrance of this cream is like the scent of coconut.  The ingredient of this cream is mild. The main ingredients are hydrogenated, jojoba oil, calcium and vitamins.

What I like

Fit for Fragile and weak nails. It is helpful to provide a short time result. Besides, the strengthener is unique for its natural fragrance.

How to use

Use the cream over the nail bed.  You can use this thrice in a day. It is usable over nail polish. But it is not good practice to use this hardener.


3. Nail Tek - Best Nail Treatment for Damaged Nails

Nail Tek Nail Strengthener Review and GuideThe Nail Tek Strengthener is for weak nails. The formula of this product is strong enough. It is used as a treatment for damaged nails. If any nails of your finger are damaged or crack, the strengthener is for you to grow nail. It is an easy solution which you can take. 

This provides glossy finish in a nail. The nail which has cracked, this formula is the best suited for you. By using this strengthener, you can have a smooth and strong nail. 

If you think about the price of this strengthener, it is quite cheap, so you can afford this. 

This strengthener helps grow nail faster. If you have weak and splitting nail, you can use this. It will support to have your expected nails.

What I like

The ingredients of the strengthening are better than others strengthener. Besides, the range of price is impressive.

How to use

Before using this, you have to shake this. Keep free from any dirt from your nails. Even if your nail has the layer of nail polish, you should remove this to have expected output. Use this hardener at least one week. Then, remove this layer using mild remover.


4. Quimica Alemana - Best Nail Hardener 2022

Quimica Alemana Nail Strengthener Review and GuideThe Quimica Alemana is exceptional with its excellent result. You will have the outstanding result within one week. The formula is well-suited for chipping and peeling nails. 

The formula maintains the natural look and helps to grow your nail fast. The strengthener is strong enough for a nail. If you are habituated to use nail polish, you can use this hardener as a base coat. 

The Hardener Strengthener is cheap with the price. When you will use on your nail, you will feel uneasy at the first step. But everything will be okay when you will use this the second time. 

If you want to make your nails strong, nothing can be an alternative to this hardener. It let your nail grow fast and to be super strong.

What I like

Although it takes time to show the result, it provides an excellent result within a few weeks.

How to use​

Shake the bottle appropriately before using. Keep your nail dry and clean. Then apply the coat from the centre of the nail plate. Try to keep the hardener aloof from the side skin of nail. Use once every day until the week is fulfilled. You can remove the layer of nails after one week. Thereafter, you can apply this in the same way.


5. MAXUS Nails 0.5 Ounce - Best Natural Nail Strengthener 2022

MAXUS Nails Strengthener Review and GuideMAXUS ensures excellent result without tedious removal process. It also ensures long-lasting manicure and brilliant shine. Maxus Nails strengthener maintains the highest quality. 

The most outstanding aspect of the product is that it is a non- toxic and eco-conscious product. This strengthener beautifies the natural nail with natural ingredients. 

This product has been manufactured with the family own business. The formulation of this product is free from harsh ingredients. It is free from sulfates, gluten and parabens. Safe enough! 

Maxus minimizes the weakness of your nail and maximized the strength. The output of this product is exceptional. If you ever use this, you can realize how effective it for weak nails.

What I like

The product has been made in U. S. A. The formula is innovative. It also protects the nail plate from straining.

How to use​

Prepare your nail, make sure it cleans and dry then apply two coats of MAXUS, reapply one coat every other day. After a Week, remove the nail strengthener with non-acetone nail remover and apply the MAXUS again.


6. DermaNail - Best Nail Conditioner (Highly Recommended by Dermatologist)

DermaNail Strengthener Review and GuideDermaNail is one the leading product in the market for nail hardening. The product has been designed with the dermatologist. The purpose of making this is to help the sufferer of cosmetic nail problem. 

If anyone wants to have healthier looking nails, he or she should use this. It prevents nail splitting and brittleness. The product is incomparable. The formulation of the product is excellent. 

This prevents chips, cracks and peels. Even you can use this in the most severe cases of your nail problem. It helps grow the fragile nail quick. 

Be conscious to use this. You have to be careful so that the fluid of the strengthener is safe from your hand skin.

What I like

The formulation of the strengthener is excellent. It is one of pioneer step of a dermatologist. It is impressive because this is used for several cases of a nail.

How to use​

Never apply the coat until your nail is dry and clean. Use this hardener after cleaning your nail.  Remove after one week. After removing, you will observe an outstanding result.


7. Nailtiques Formula 2 - Best Nail Hardener for Soft Nails

Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Strengthener Review and GuideNailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein is another fabulous strengthener. This is effective for the nail which does not grow. Especially it is fit for peeling, split and naturally soft nail. 

The protein of the strengthener works too fast. If you want to have the result within a few days, you can use this. The formula of the strengthener is superb. 

This strengthener contains protein and hydrolyzed keratin. The result of the product is first-rate. Besides, Nailtiques is the name of famous brands. The brand always maintains the quality of their product.

What I like

The protein and calcium are vital ingredients of this product. The package of this product is different with its size. Anyone can select according to his or her necessity.

How to use​

Apply twice a day. In this way, you should continue three or four weeks to have an outstanding result. Be sure that your nail is clean before applying. 


8. Nail Magic - Best Nail Strengthener After Acrylic Nails

Nail Magic Nail Strengthener Review and GuideNail Magic is one of the outstanding nail fortifiers. This hardener fights against splitting, peeling and chipping. The product is the most preferred one to the nail problematic suffers. 

The product uses different types of ingredients which work as a protective barrier on your nails. 

As you want to enjoy natural healthy nails, you can have using this. If you lose your nail by accident, just you are using acrylic nails, you can use this. It will help you get back your nail within a short period. The price of this product is moderate. 

The nail hardener is the best suited for week nail. It makes strong your nail and helps to grow faster.  The hardener is great for splitting nails.

What I like

The product is for the person who wants to repair his damaged nail.

How to use​

Apply the thin coat in your nails.  You have to keep in mind that your nail must be neat and clean before applying the coat.  Keep using at least one week, then remove using soft remover.


9. Barielle Pro - Best Nail Hardener Without Formaldehyde

Barielle Pro Nail Strengthener Review and GuideIf you seek nail-biting treatment, this product is for you. This is not like the on-average product. It comes with different ingredients. Barielle No Bite Pro maintains neutrality. It is always invisible in your nails. Even it has no odour. This hydrating formula is free from nitrocellulose. 

The ingredients of Brielle Pro help your nail strong and healthy. The ingredients are free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalate, and Toluene. So you can take this with confidence. There are no possibilities of infection. 

We love this strengthener because it gives healthy and beautiful nails. It does take a long time to ensure its outstanding result. Just within two weeks, you will be able to prove its output.

What I like

Most of the ingredients are natural. As it is free from a hard ingredient, I like it too much.

How to use​

Clean your nail bed out and out before using. Use the strengthener lightly on your nails. Use two weeks to have the proven result.


10. Sally Hansen - Best Nail Strengthener for Peeling Nails

Sally Hansen Nail Strengthener Review and GuideSally Hansen is for healthy and long growth nail. You want to grow your nail long and healthy, you can choose this strengthener. This formula of this strengthener is admirable. It does not help to grow only; it also helps to prevent cracking and peeling. 

If anyone wants to maintain long-time healthy nails, he should use this. It provides an outstanding result. 

This nail strengthener is one of the incredible nail strengtheners. The formula of the Sally Hansen is loveable. The keratin and calcium is the most remarkable ingredient of these strengtheners.

What I like

This nail strengthener prevents peeling and promotes nail growth. Its output is extraordinary.

How to use​

Use daily one layer on your nails. Keeping the layer one week, remove this using non-acetone remover. Then use again. In this way, you should continue three weeks at a stretch, and then you will see an outstanding result. 


Buyer’s Guide - Best Nail Strengthener 2022

Good nails are part of good health. The nail strengthener helps you keep your nail strength. If you use the best nail strengthener, it will save your nail from peeling, brittle and weakening. 

The wide variety of nail strengtheners is available. So you have to judge the following facts before buying the nail strengthener.


Nail strengthener keeps your nail smooth and strong. So when you go to select nail strength, Identify the special cause of using nail strengthener. 

If you need the nail strengthener for damaged and weak nails, take the strengthener with calcium. The strengtheners which contain formaldehyde should not use first of all. Jojoba nail oil is one of the gentle ingredients of your nail strengthener. It keeps the nail hydrated and smooth. 


Although Nail strengthener is for recovering the damage of nail, it also carries your choice. You can choose any color what you want. There are many products which are colorless. You can also select the colorless strengthener. Neutrality also carries the excellence of your choice.

Type of product

The nail strengtheners are basically two types such as hydrators and hardeners. The hardeners are also two types such as reinforcing hardeners and cross-linking hardeners. Hardeners are better compared to others strengthens. The hardeners are used on the surface layer of the nail. 

Hydrator does not like hardeners. If you want to use hydrator, you have to use a longer period of time. One has to use this as a lotion.


The price of the strengthener varies product to product. The formulating of the products are not the same. However, on an average rate of the product is from $10 to $20. If you want to have cheaper strengthened, you can take the wholesale packaging, it will save your money. There are some nail strengtheners which contains titanium and micro-diamond is pricey.


Nail strengthener comes with different packagings such as a tube and jar. As the Hydrators are like cream, the package of the hydrator is a jar. Besides, many hydrators come with tube packaging. The tube packaging is better for travelling.

How To Strengthen Nails : 18 Proven Ways (Tested)

Nail carries the taste of us. If we keep our whole body decorated but the nail is cracking and splitting. Obviously, it is frustrating and painful. Your nail is the expression of your smartness. So if you ever face any problem with your nails, you will have the smart solution here. You also be able to know how to make nails stronger. 

We have included some tips which will help you change your lifestyle and keep your nail always strong, smart and smooth. Just follow the guidelines and apply

#1. Take a biotin supplement

Biotin is a common word to all. It is known as vitamin B-7 and vitamin H. Biotin removes the nervous system of a body. 

It also strengthens the nails and hair. This vitamin is normally bound in cooked eggs, legumes and sardines. Take the biotin to have the appropriate balance in your nail.

#2. Never submerge nail for a long time

Keeping submerging nail weakens the nail. It does not mean that you should never submerge your nail. You have to do this during working. But you have to bear in mind that when you have to work for a long time, you should use gloves. It will save your nails from further damaging.

#3. Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking enough water is mandatory for keeping the body fit. If you do not drink water enough, the effect will fall on your nail also. By keeping hydrated, you can keep your nail hydrated also. So drink enough water to retain the moisture and hydration of skin and nail.

#4. Be sincere about your diet

A healthy diet helps to keep your body healthy. When you take diet, have a multi-vitamin diet. It not only affects your body rather It affects your nail also. Especially, you never miss taking seasonal fruit. These create the energy in the whole body including your nail.

#5. Keep enough knowledge about your product

There are many products which give you an instant result. In fact, these are not good. They contain harsh chemicals. If you find acetone and toxic in your products, you should avoid these because it will damage your nails. Always try to use non-toxic and gentle products.

#6. Avoid using acrylic nails

Using acrylic nails is not a good practice. Neutrality is the best. If you are habituated using these. You have to do this sincerely. Acrylic nails weaken the natural nail. On the other hand, the chemical used in acrylic nail causes a problem in your nails. So you should try to avoid using artificial nails.

#7. Avoid nail polish frequent

No doubt, Nail polish adds extra-beauty to your nail. But have you ever thought the dangerous effect of nail polish in your nail? Constantly using nail polish weakens the nail. Even it breaks your nail. After using nail polish, you have to remove this using chemical. As a result, you weaken your nail. So you can use nail polish hardly but not frequent.

#8. A long nail is at risk

You may consider that keeping long nail is a part of fashion. But, it may make you suffer for a long time. Even you can damage your nail. That is why you should try to keep your nails always short So that your nail is never hurt. The shorter nail is stronger than a long nail.

#9. Never use your nail as a tool

Most the time, we use fingers for different purposes. We do not feel any problem. But if we want to use our nail for different purposes, we will break our nail. Even we will damage our nail for a long time.

#10. Use lotion on your nails

When you remove your nails, you will notice that your nails are not hydrated enough. At that time, you should keep your nail hydrated so that you never damage your nail. So it is the best way to use lotion or skinny cream to your nails. It will ensure you a good result.

#11. Avoid drying products

No doubt, hand sanitizer is a useful item. It is used for killing microorganisms. But if you use this sanitizer frequently, it will damage your nail. The sanitizer dries your nail as a result, your nail will lose hydration.

#12. Be cautious the chemical of the cleaning products

When you go to clean your house or any other things, never forget to use gloves. Most of the cleaning product contains chemical. The chemical effects in a dangerous way in hands. Especially the chemical affects the nails. So it is mandatory to use the glove to avoid the chemical in your nails.

#13. Know the ingredients of your shampoo

Different types of shampoos are available in the market. Some shampoo throws a cleaning challenge. But if you notice the ingredients of the shampoos, the shampoo contains hard ingredients. So before buying the shampoo, you should check whether the hard ingredients are available or not. The shampoo contained hard ingredients should avoid. Otherwise, it will harm both your nail and skin.

#14. Consult with your dermatologist

Not late to consult with your dermatologist if you notice a remarkable problem on your nail. If you try yourself, you may damage more. So you should take a suggestion from your dermatologist, it will help you regain your nail damaged.

#15. Bypass buffing

Buffing is good but over buffing is bad for your nails. The ridges of the nail are part of the nail. Horizontal ridges are good but vertical rides are the bad sign of health. It happens normally by ageing. But, most of the girl has no any idea about ridges of fingernails.

#16. Improve your filing technique

Keeping an edge of your nail is not a good practice. When you fill your nail, keep always flat. It is better to keep 45-degree angle during filing. By improving filing techniques, you can avoid hangnails.

#17. Make cuticle oil

Every nail should keep moisturized. Otherwise, different types of problem may occur. The most remarkable problem is that you may face the hangnail problem. Besides, the nail peeling and chronic cuticle picking are common. So use the cuticle oil always to keep your nail moisture.

#18. Avoid overuse nail polish

Although using nail polish is not dangerous, overusing this is too much dangerous. It absorbs the hydration of your nail and makes it dry. Besides, using nail polish remover, again and again, is also cause of losing hydration of your nail. So avoid the overuse nail polish and keep your nail hydrated.

The peeling and cracked nails look ugly and intolerable. It also seems disgusting. So everyone should take care of his or her nails. Lately, a lot of nail strengtheners are available. You can take care of your nail using the best one.

The pros and cons of nail strengtheners

Nail strengtheners are of two types: hardeners and hydrator. Each product has its own traits. Both of the products have good advantages and disadvantages.

Nail Hardeners - The Safest Hoverboard 2022

If you think about nail hardeners, two types of hardeners are visible to your eyes. These are reinforcing and cross-linking.

Cross-linking hardeners

Cross-linking hardener is more appropriate for weak nails. If the ladder of your nail is wobbly or lose, you should use this hardener. This will give you the sturdier ladder. The cross-link ties your nail with the help of chemical. Calcium and formaldehyde are the main ingredients of this hardener.

Reinforcing hardeners

The hardeners are used as a coat on the surface of your nail. This creates a layer to reinforce the nail. Protein and nylon are the main ingredients of these products. Both the hardeners make your nail strong. As a result, there is no possibility of splitting your nail. 

The negative aspect of the crosslinkers is that it makes your nail too hard to blend. So if your nail has pressure accidentally, it will not blend, rather, it will break.

Nail Hydrators - The Safest Hoverboard 2022

Actually The ingredients of the Hydrators do not make your nail strong. Rather, it moistures your nail and keeps your nail flexible. So there are no possibilities of breaking your nail. 

The ingredients of the hydrator are petrolatum, beeswax, mineral oil and glycerin. The hydrator is like cream. The good aspect of the hydrator is that it makes the nail flexible. Keep your nail and the skin around the nail moisturized. The bad aspect of the hydrator is that one has to use this. The effect of the hydrator takes maximum time. 

Every nail strengthener has good and bad aspects. So before taking any strengthener, you should look for the ingredients of these So that the strengthener is the best suited for your skin.

15 Nail Care Tips for Healthy and Strong Nails

Everyone should be conscious about nail lest he or she should suffer in the long run. Many people suffer because of peeling, cracking and splitting. If they would be conscious, they would not face these types of critical problem. If you are enough conscious to take care of your nails, you must follow the following steps.

#1. Keeps hands very clean

Everyone is involved in daily activities. After doing anything, you should be sure that your nails are dirt free. If you think that the possibility of having hidden dirt in your nail, use a toothbrush and use this over your nails with a mild shop. Besides, if you use any color on your nails, you must use the acetone free remover. Never keep chemically added color in your nail for a long time.

#2. Never clean your nail roughly

The nails are the sensitive part of the human body. If you scrub roughly, the possibility of infection is too much. Never try to cut the nail plate for extra smooth. Always try to keep connected the nail plate with skin. Otherwise, dirt will penetrate into the nail plate. It will because of infection.

#3. Trim your nail regular

Be habituated to cut once within two weeks. There are many people who have to cut once a week. It actually depends on the growth rate of your nails. Fix the day to cut your nail otherwise you may forget to cut.

#4. Short nails are better

No doubt, long nails carry your exceptional personality but It deserves extra caring. Even it may break and bring you a pack of suffering and pain. So keep your nail short. The short nail is stronger and smoother than longer nails.

#5. Use an emery board on hand

Emery board provides smoothness in your nails. After using a nail cutter, our nail is not smoother. Even It does not look better. The edge of the nails seems sharp. So It is better to practice to use the emery board. It ensures the smoothness of your nails.

#6. Never cut her cuticles

The cuticles play the most important role around the nail. It keeps the basement of nail strong. So always be sincere lest you should cut the cuticle. If you cut this, you will create a chance to be affected by bacteria. Cut the side of nail sincerely and save the cuticles. Besides, you can use the cuticles cream after cutting your nails. It will remove the possibilities of infection.

#7. Takes care of tools

Keep clean your nail tools after using. If you are careful enough about your tools, your nails will be free from bacteria’s attack. After washing your tools, dry these for a while. Then keep in the storage. Never use the tattered tools for your nails. You should change these when possible.

#8. Never cut the base coat of nail

Someone thinks that cutting base coat enhances the beauty of the nail. Especially when anyone wants to paint nails. But, It gives the negative result. Even, the nails are infected by a virus. So it is not a good practice to cut the base coat of nail.

#9. Know the ingredient of the product

All are not sincere about the product they are using. But It is true ingredients do not play the same importance in the same way. There are some harsh ingredients which give instant result but It harms your skin or nail in the long run. So before using any products, you must be sincere whether the product contains any harsh ingredients or not. If you find any rough ingredients, you should avoid as much as possible.

#10. Use gentle nail polish remover

There are many nail polishes in the market. All are not the same. Some contain acetone and some are free from acetone. Needless to say that acetone works faster to remove the nail polish. But it has a negative effect also. It dries your nails, even the skin around your nails. So be sincere to use the nail polish remover containing acetone.

#11. Use Nail brushes

If your nail bed and nail has a gap, the possibility is more to be infected by bacteria. So you should use a nail brush to keep the gap clean. It will help you to keep your nail aloof from bacteria’s infections.

#12. Hoverboards Keep yourself moisturized

Lately You should keep your nail moisturized before going to bed. When we go to sleep, we stay in bed for a longer period of time. We spend at least 6 to 7 hours without moisturizing. So we should keep ourselves moisturized before going to bed. Nail expert suggests using the mixture of avocado and almond oil before going to bed. It will keep our self moisturized and gives a healthy life.

#13. Uses gloves for protection

Gloves keep our nails always protected. When we are involved in cleaning home, garden or any outdoor activities, we should use the glove so that we can keep our nails protected. Besides, when we use soapy water to clean any tings, we should use the gloves. Otherwise, the soapy water will weaken our nails.

#14. Consider diet

Keratin is the main ingredients of nails. It enhances the beauty of the skin and improves the strength of hair. Try to keep vitamin E, fish oil and biotin with your daily meals. Different types of proteins are helpful for your nail.

#15. Stop biting your nails

Obviously biting is a bad habit. It does not grow overnight. It takes times. In the same way, uprooting this problem overnight is not possible. You have to stop biting through practice. 

You have to keep in mind the negative factors of biting nail. It is not only harmful only for nails. It is also harmful to teeth and digests. Besides, nail biting can cause the infection in your nail.

Nail Strengthener FAQ

How do nail strengtheners work?

The growth of Nail plate is continuous. A nail plate does not grow appropriately if it has nutrients and vitamins. Nail strengtheners provide nutrient and vitamins to the nail plate. It also helps grow the nail plate. Nail strengtheners protect the nail and empower the nail plate by providing nutrients and vitamins.

What type of nails will benefit from nail strengtheners?

Every single nail plate contains keratin which helps to keep the nail strong, powerful and protective. But the nail plate has lack of this keratin; it is weaker day by day. It is soft and fragile gradually. The nail which is weaker should use the nail strengtheners. It will help to be regained keratin and to be strong.

What is the difference between a nail strengthener and a nail conditioner?

The nail which has a lack of protein should use the nail strengthen. The nail conditioner is normally used for the nail which has lack of moisture.

What is the chemical makeup of nail strengtheners?

The ingredients of the nail strengtheners are not the same. It varies from strengtheners to strengthen. The chemical of the nail strengthener makes the nail powerful and strong. 

Most of the nail strengtheners contain plasticizer and solvent. The mentionable chemical is nitrocellulose, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate. The chemical keeps the nail strong and protective.

How do nail strengtheners penetrate the nail plate?

Every single nail plate should be flexible, strong and hard. The main ingredient is the protein keratin. It keeps nail structure into well formatted. The chemical of the nail strengthener penetrates in the layer of the nail plate.

Do nail strengtheners only benefit damaged nails or do they also offer preventive maintenance?

Nail strengtheners do not directly help the damaged nail. But it is quite helpful to protect the nail from being damaged. The prevention is noticeable if anyone uses the nail strengthener two weeks at stretch.

Which nail strengthener is best suited for my nails?

All nail strengtheners are not the same. The ingredients vary one from another. When anyone wants to improve the natural nails, the OPI Nail Envy line is the best suited for them. It improves the natural condition of the nail. Besides, you can select the nail to strengthen based on your specific solution. 

  • Original Formula 

Calcium and Hydrolyzed wheat protein are the most important ingredients for strengthening nails. It makes natural nails stronger and harder. The original formula works faster for a damaged nail. 

  • Matte Finish 

The outstanding aspect of the matte finish is that the protection is invisible. The looking of the finish is lucid. The matte finish formula provides an excellent coat. It strengthens the nail. 

  • Sensitive & Peeling 

Nail Envy Nail Strengthener works against peeling. As it is a formaldehyde-free formula, there is no possibility of side effects. The strengthener also contains Kuku and vitamin E. It is also helpful for protecting nail form protection. 

  • Dry & Brittle 

Because of losing the flexibility, the nails are dried. As a result, the possibility of cracking the nail is too much. But, at that time, the antioxidant vitamins C & E are helpful for keeping nail flexible. The Nail Envy Nail Strengthener is well-suited for a dry and brittle nail.

Final Verdict

Since Selecting the best strengthener is easy as you are the right place. We have selected the best nail strengtheners after investing plenty of time. Just find out the specific product related to a specific reason. Yet, you are confused what to select, go through the nail strengthener reviews. Have the right solution.

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