Why FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Disclosure policy?

As of 2015, new FTC rules want blogs to disclose the income generating policy. Here the intention is to ensure the visitors and the audience that the writers and editors are involved in partnership, endorsement and sponsor program. So, here’s our as below.

In Simple Terms

There are quite a few ways we earn from this website. While it’s obvious that the links that are going out from here only pay a little, we are not gonna become “Richie Rich” (animated TV series character) by any means. But yes, any or all of the links on shopbestdrones.com are affiliate links. The sales from these affiliates help me to earn a minimum compensation. 

Though often we do endorsement or collaboration reviews, these are solely our genuine thoughts and experience. In addition, sometimes we receive promotional materials intending to give away to you as gifts as well. Whatever we do, we do it genuinely. We’re open for any sort of inquiry too. So email us at ……………………..

So What’s Affiliate Links Really?

If viewers and readers purchase their favorite products or services by clicking through an affiliate link of this blog, we’d receive small money from the seller. It’s simply because shopbestdrones.com is helping the sellers by referring them to their websites. That means reads buy items from the seller directly, not from shopbestdrones.com. 

There is no difference between purchasing referring and non-referring products. So even after buying through the affiliated links, buyers are not paying anything extra.

Types of Affiliated Programs This Site Participate:

There are quite a few kinds of affiliated programs we take part.

Amazon Affiliated Disclosure

This site is an active participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This program is exclusively designed for the participant sites like shopbestdrones.com so that we can be compensated through helping Amazon.com or other affiliate sites to bring customers.

Materials affiliate links

Whenever you are buying a product after navigating affiliate link, we’ll get a small compensation from the seller. Just to mention again, the prices are the same for buying through clicking the link or without clicking the link. So you are not paying extra if you purchase through an affiliate link.

Links are not PPC (Pay per link) as well.

The recommendation that we publish here is our own opinion and that is not influenced by others. More often, we receive compensation for reviewing various products, services, websites or other topics. But the bottom line is all the beliefs and findings are unbiased and authentic those are based on our own experience.

Sharing your identity

Any information you are entering this site will be private and as valuable as you feel. We will not share it by any means. But if you submit any information to an external site, you’ll be responsible for that.

Releases of liability

If you select or take part to any product or service after reading our recommendation, you’ll do it with your own risk and we’ll not liable for any problems that may arise during or after your action or regarding anything. Additionally, the ideas and the recommendations may not work for you just as like those worked for us.


As we haven’t any finance degree, we do not guarantee any income or ROI (return on investment) through this site. The ideas and opinions that we’ve presented here are from our own experience or I’d recommended to my peers.


When you visit and use our website, you hereby, agreed and concede to the terms of disclosures that we stated here.


We time to time update, rectify and amend these disclosure terms in accordance to need as per FTC. The last changes were made on Wednesday, 7th November, 2018.