Privacy policy statement regarding your personal information is one of the main things here at  These privacy statements are protected and secured all your personal data that this site collects or records and the way through which it processes this information.

Note: We ensure that your privacy is fully protected here at When you’ll use this site and its contents, the data that you’ll provide, or we’ll collect will only be used as exactly as this privacy deceleration.

By using or/ and any of its services/contents, you are agreed with the principle of processing of your personal data as it has been described here with privacy statements.


Personal data- Any types of information that is related to any person or visitors or audience 

Processing- The system/s through which the data is transformed for use. 

Data Subject – Personal data processing of a natural person. 

Child – A person/reader whose age is below 16 years. 

Us or we or the site –

Data Protection Principles

We exactly follow the GDPR’s (General Data Protection Regulation) outline which is enforced on 25 May 2018 regarding data protection policies and obligations. 

  • We ( collect data in a transparent manner and will notify you before processing your data.
  • We collect data for a specific purpose and the transformation system fits exactly the reason for which the information has been collected.
  • We ensure that we only gather minimal data that are necessary and relevant to the processing purpose.
  • We’ll surely delete or update the incomplete and erroneous data provided by you.
  • We’ll delete the data after the purpose has been completed and off-course within the time limit. 
  • We protect your data against any illegal or unauthorized usage.

Data Subject’s Rights wants you to know your rights to your information. You do have bellow data subject rights and what we do to protect those in favour of you. 

  1. Right to information: As you have the rights to know what we do with your data, we’ll be transparent to let you know that. 
  2. The right to access: You have the lawful rights to get a copy of your data that we have stored here. You can contact us to get an access or the detailed copy about what we gathered. 
  3. The right to rectification: You always can ask us to rectify your incomplete data. Even if the data has been transferred to other third-party, you hold the right to do that. 
  4. The right to erasure: In definite circumstances, you hold the rights to ask us to delete all your data that we stored. 
  5. The right to restrict processing: Though we process data in certain policy, you can ask us to restrict the process in certain conditions. 
  6. Right to data portability: This right allows you to obtain the data we gathered in a machine-readable format. 
  7. The right to object: You directly can make an objection on the processing of your data for the commercial purpose. 
  8. The right to withdraw consent: Even if you have given permission to use your data for a specific data processing, you always can withdraw the consent anytime. 
  9. The rights to lodge a complaint or raise supervisory help:  Though we’ll give you a valid reason why your request may have been refusing, you always can lodge a complaint or claim legal remedies to ICO.

Data We Collect and Process may collect the bellow data:

The data you provide us

There are ways we asked to provide your personal information like- name, mailing address etc to send you products or gifts. These data help us to simple activities like commenting or sharing in social sites. 

The data automatically collected from you 

The tools like session and cookies automatically collect your data. This may happen when you save any product in the cart or have a purchase history. Besides, we also record your activities of reading the site’s content. This helps us to enhance your experience with us. 

Information shared by our trusted partners: 

Sometimes we collect data from our partners, but we collect only if the information has any valid ground to be shared with us. Our partners may gather your data if you have been shared willingly or they collected from other valid legal sources. 

Information those are available publicly: 

The data that you have shared openly in other sources, we may have collected those as well. 

Technical information: 

Sometimes our tools may collect visitor’s information to give a smooth user experience in regards to navigating our website. This data helps us to improve the site’s browsing compatibility that impacts directly on the readers as well. We typically collect below data types. 

  • We record your browser name, the version, plug-ins, the settings, time zones, date and history of visited pages. But you can see your browser settings to check what types of data your browser is sending. However, you also can customize the settings to give a restriction. 
  • You obviously connect your device with the internet through an/many IP. We collect that too including the operating system- the version and the platforms. 
  • In addition we also track your Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstream; like- the site you visit, the time of staying, click behaviour, pages’ interaction time (length of stay, exit, scrolling, mouse-over, typing etc) or any other activity you perform while visiting or through this site. 

Data collected from users’ comments 

In most or all of the pages, there is a scope to insert your personal opinion as “comment”. So any comments you put here are visible publicly- that means these can be seen by me as well as others who are visiting this site. Automatically the software and tools detect and store your information while making comment. These data generally includes name, email address and IP information. 

Survey responses: 

Sometimes we create a poll, pop-up quiz, free giveaways or any other types of the survey where you will be asked to participate. Though participation is mostly optional, we collect data when a reader completes these surveys by providing their personal data. 

Media Uploads 

As media file can be uploaded embedded with GPS location, the other visitors can get your location easily if they download the file. To avoid uploading the files embedded with location. 

Contact us form submission 

You may submit your information by filling the contact us page so that we can get in touch with you. This data won’t be in any commercial purpose. 

Follower and subscriber information

When you subscribe or sign-up for the newsletter, research, quizzes, events or any other general follow up, we collect your personal information which is needed to facilitate those services. This data includes your name, email address, cell number or mailing address. 

Contents that are embedded from other sources 

For the purpose of review or recommendations sometimes we embedded contents of other third-party sources. These external contents act exactly like you have visited those external sites. 

These outer sources may in some cases use or store your behavioural information through third-party tracking apps. 

Advertising partners 

Currently, we are working with Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising as partners. These listed partners have their own sets of privacy policy through which they store and use visitors’ personal information for advertising purpose. 

Each of these third-party advertising partners uses their own technology to show their advertisement or links to or to the sites you view through your browser. They may record your IP address through this process. 

In addition, they also use integrated tech like JavaScript, cookies or other tracking pixels to determine and measure the campaign status, results, and success. This tracking process also helps them to show more personalize ads on your browser. 

While doesn’t hold any rights to control, modify, changes and access over these cookies, you can view their updated privacy policy from these hyperlinks; Google AdSense, Amazon Advertising. 

Third party privacy policy 

Sometimes we host third-party reviews, recommendations, products and services on Since this is not us, those external sites have their own sets of policies and regulation. Therefore, we neither have the responsibility nor are liable for any of the content type and activities of those externally linked sites. However, if you want to give any feedback regarding those third-party sites, you are most welcome and we’d try to be liberal with you as much as possible.   

How We Use Your Personal Information

The below are the ways and reasons why we use your personal data 

  • We record data to understand what you need and process data in order to give you best service. 
  • The information is being used to improve or customize the contents, design or other specific need of the site to enhance user experience. 
  • There are times when we launch promotional programs, events, and quizzes. So your personal information (mostly email and name) help us to deliver the interesting news and upcoming buzzes. 
  •  Sometimes we conduct market research. So we may contact you via email or other means to know your preference. This process helps us to design new contents or customize existing that may serve your interest. 
  • To serve your specific need for which you have uploaded your data 
  • The further need for any communication 
  • As long as you haven’t made any restriction in your browser settings, you might be informed about the similar products or services. 

Even after finishing the purpose of collecting data, we might use them for further process as well only if the current process is similar or fits like the original one. However, we ensure that the further process will be rightfully protected by the data policy.

Your Personal Data : Who Else Can Access?

First and foremost, we make sure your data will not be shared with any stranger. However, we might share your personal information with our trusted partners in certain conditions, for sure. The reason here is to enlighten user-experience or smoothes providing the service you might need. 

For most cases we share your information with bellow processing partners: 

  • Google Analytics 
  • Google AdSense 
  • Amazon Associates 

Though our rusted partners are capable of protecting your data as we do, we’ll only disclose your personal information if you haven’t any objection or have a valid legal ground to do so.

Security Maintenance : How We Protect Your Data

We have taken full responsibility and measurements to protect your personal information in all means. We regularly recheck and monitor the process of technical security measures to safeguard your private data from any unauthorized and vulnerable attack. Sometimes we appoint third-party experts to review our systems. These international standard audits help us to rectify gaps in security if any. 

Our high level of technical security control system ensures your data will be safe with us. But we certainly can’t control if any suspicious activity happens in your device (by you) which might breach our security infrastructure. In such a situation, you must be liable for those mishaps. We only can guarantee which however is in our control. 

Even though we promise to notify you for the possible breaches or threats, we’ll do what everything within our control.

Data Privacy for Children

We do not intentionally collect or maintain any data from children who are below 16 years of age. Our terms and services, we neither target children nor they are allowed to use take services from us.

Our Cookies Policy And Other Technologies

A cookie is a small text file that we stored on your computer in order to get information about your browsing behaviour. Some of these cookies are collected as small session while some are from a long session. These small files help us to determine the number of users and monitor how users are using our website. This information helps us to improve our services in various manners. 

Cookies help us to know how well our services are performing according to your need of interests and what modification are needed to enhance user experience. 

Cookies help you to give a smooth browsing experience. Example- cookies can store your username and security code that reduces the hassle of remembering the data while commenting again in the site. 

Sometimes these internet log files help us to display relevant ads according to your browsing behaviour. 

Though we use cookies for statistical analysis purposes, once we complete the analysis, we delete these internet logs from our system. 

We only can access those cookies logs that you allowed to share with us. However, you always can control your cookies data by imposing a restriction on your browser. Surely it won’t affect your web experience at all. 

As measuring traffic is one of the important aspects of the site’s experience, we take help of Google analytics. You can review their privacy policy from this link and can opt out any time from here as well.

Last Update

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